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Bishop-Wisecarver has been privately held by the Wisecarver family since 1950. Much has changed in the world over those 70 years, but Bishop-Wisecarver remains a family-owned, American company committed to earning the trust of our customers with the highest quality products. It started with creative manufacturing solutions that only Bud Wisecarver could see. It evolved with the invention of the DualVee, launching Bishop-Wisecarver into a world-class company. And it continues here today with an ever-growing portfolio of new patents, mechatronics, and forward-thinking solutions that our customers love.

When you purchase from Bishop-Wisecarver, you aren’t just getting a product that works; you’re getting products, systems and industry-leading expertise you can trust, especially in harsh and extreme environments—always exceeding our customers’ reliability requirements. When the moving gets tough, our products keeps moving.

We innovate by infusing our decades of in-house engineering and design expertise with an almost infinite pool of resourcefulness and grit. Problem-solving in manufacturing is never simple, but we guarantee to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, no matter the situation. We take the time to ask questions, listen and deliver custom solutions—even for a single piece—and we provided dedicated one-on-one support because that’s how you create long-term relationships and brand advocates.

This promise to our customers, which we proudly call our Signature Experience, pushes us to always exceed customer expectations with reliable motion solutions that are on time and on budget, with no surprises. It’s about delivering reliability, increased efficiency, and customer loyalty with every service we provide

Our Mission

We thrive on solving the toughest automation challenges that keep the world in motion.

Our Vision

To have Bishop-Wisecarver products and services in every factory in North America.

Our Core Values

  • Preserve Our Family Culture
    • Treat everyone like family
    • Celebrate our wins, have fun and laugh
    • Improve and support personal, team and community health
    • Support and give back to manufacturing and our local community
  • Deliver a Signature Experience
    • Provide world-class service and products
    • Embrace customization – even for 1 piece
    • Trust creates deep, long term relationships and brand advocates
    • Data drives personalized services and products to our customers
  • Embrace a Pioneering Spirit
    • Grit to explore new territories
    • Take risks, be courageous, and embrace failure
    • Willingness to go outside our core competencies
    • Inspire creativity, unconventional thinking, and continuous education
  • Need for Speed
    • Think SMARTly in all we do
    • Focus on progress not perfection
    • Embrace and leverage technology
    • Be agile, work in sprints, create and learn faster

Expertly Designed, Delivered to Perform

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