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Weintek – PLC Web Browser – Access PLC webpages on your HMI

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Facing the IoT era, we are seeing a growing number of PLCs, controllers, and embedded devices supporting built-in web server, which allows users to adjust system parameters or monitor device status directly on its webpage. In response to this growth in web popularity, Weintek has added support for the PLC Web Browser feature in the new cMT X Series. PLC Web Browser provides HMI with a quick, convenient way to access the webpages and eliminates the need for a dedicated web browsing device, leading to not only an increase in operational efficiency but also cost saving.
PLC Web Browser Features

l   HTTPS, HTML5 Support

PLC Web Browser supports HTTPS and most HTML5 webpages.


l   Flexible Browsing Tool

PLC Web Browser provides browsing tool buttons such as previous / next page, zoom in / out, and return to homepage…etc. In addition, browser control is integrated with HMI, meaning that it is possible to implement features such as page navigation, URL bookmarking, instant URL update, or automatic page change…etc, through control by registers.


l   Customizable Execution Mode

PLC Web Browser, being a screen object, can be displayed and run along with other screen elements on HMI, but it can also be flexibly designed as a Kiosk mode (full screen) application in EasyBuilder Pro.


With PLC Web Browser feature, HMI is empowered with greater connectivity and plays an even more important role in an automated manufacturing system.


Information: Supported models, software / OS versions, and limitations related to PLC Web Browser are shown in the table below.


Model cMT3072X/cMT3072XH cMT3092X/cMT3151X/cMT3162X
Software EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.01 or later EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.02 or later
OS 20200723 or later 20201202 or later
  1. Not supported on devices with CODESYS activated.
  2. Displaying a relatively complex web page using PLC Web Browser may occupy excessive memory. When this happens, the system will automatically stop PLC Web Browser to ensure normal operation of other features on HMI.



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Category : Displacement Sensor
Light Source : Laser

Realize World’s No. 1 Linearity

  • Featuring the World’s No. 1 linearity that easily satisfies the [+/-0.015% F.S.] catalog specification, CDX series models realize measurements with significantly higher levels of accuracy than the conventional model.
  • For triangulation method diffuse-reflective type displacement sensors.
  • Optex FA investigation performed November 2016.
  • Workpiece angle: +/-0°, diffuse mode.
    For measurement conditions, refer to the footnote of Lineup/specifications.”

A fusion of ultra high-accuracy and ease-of-use   

  • Measurement accuracy that we have accumulated know-how over decades , since our first laser displacement sensor was introduced to market.
  • A simple system structure from research of various user needs and operability with a new concept of a built-in Web server for displacement sensors.
  • Featuring a fusion of ultra high accuracy and easy-to-use, the perfection as a laser displacement sensor has been optimized to the upmost limits.”

Advanced optical system and highly-rigid body 

  • In order to enable ultra high-accuracy measurements to be performed, a specially-designed optical system and rigid body with an independent base unit structure have been adopted.
  • Featuring advanced levels of both accuracy and high speed, causes of errors have been successfully shut out.
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maxon’s precision drives on Mars

Mars missions without maxon drive systems? Unthinkable! In the last three decades, maxon’s DC and BLDC motors have been used in virtually all successful robot missions – from Sojourner in 1997 to the InSight probe. More than 100 actuators are already on the Red Planet and the number goes up with NASA’s Perseverance rover and the first Mars Helicopter Ingenuity. In this video, you will find every Mars rover, its main contribution as well as details and positions of each maxon electric motor.

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UNIVERSAL ROBOT : Register for our webinar

Register for our webinar

How are cobots revolutionising the manufacturing industry?

If you are in manufacturing it is likely that you may already know Universal Robots (UR). We continue to drive manufacturing throughout the world in SME and large companies through ease – ease of use, ease of application and ease of redeployment.

In this Webinar we will explain the advantages of UR and its ecosystem and look at where you can use UR in your facilities – in places you may not have expected. Cobots are not the same as traditional industrial robots but it’s the differences that make UR a better fit in some applications.

Join this one hour webinar to explore the applications that fit with UR and current APAC expectations. After we finish you may have another location in your factory that a UR Cobot makes sense!

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PM : MSR 3 – the smallest slide in the industry

With a height of only 3.2 mm and a width of 5.5 mm, the new size offers maximum space savings. Especially with limited installation space, the MSR 3 provides the advantages of cross roller bearings together with an anti-cage creep solution in the smallest package available. The MSR 3 offers high stiffness, high durability and high precision in very tight installation spaces.

The MSR miniature slides can accommodate loads from all directions and guarantee high stiffness and precision in use. There are 7 sizes in different lengths and strokes to choose from. The new MSR 3 comes in 4 different lengths: 8, 15, 20 and 25 mm and covers stroke lengths from 5 – 20 mm.

The MSR 3 includes all design features of the MSR range:

  • 100% stainless steel design makes them also usable in medical and semiconductor equipment
  • Crossed roller bearings permits load from every direction and offers stiffness enabling high-precision motion
  • Preloaded assembly guarantees play-free motion
  • Anti-cage creep mechanism makes the slide usable in every mounting orientation and increases the reliability
  • Ultra-compact design makes the MSR slide attractive for miniature machines and instruments with a small footprint
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Join Hepco Live | 10th December @ 18:30 MYT


Join us from our Hepco Studio as we share some of our most interesting applications from 2020. 

Our Sales Managers will take you through applications from Europe and Asia, in industries including cosmetics packaging, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging.

The 40 minute live event will include a question and answer session for each application and the opportunity to ask our experienced Sales Managers about your applications.


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Virus Killing Robot with UV Light : Autonomous mobile robot empowers manufacturing and maintenance

  • Indoor autonomous moving killing virus by UV light
  • Equipped with infrared temperature checking
  • Day for temperature monitoring and night for disinfection
  • The accumulated UV light intensity is up to 270uv I CM2 , which is the most efficiency disinfection and sterilization function in the industry
  • Complete and mature cognitive and positioning navigation capabilities based on SLAM algorithm
  • UV killing robot is suitable for mobile regional disinfection in the places with large personnel flow such as shopping malls, stations, offices, factories, etc.
  • Disinfection robot is compliance with National standard ( China ) GBT 30030-2013 automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
  • UV light achieves GB 19258-2012

Dual Functions Indoor

(1) UV Disinfectant
(2) Infrared temperature Monitor


Above : YouiBot at a hospital in Wuhan