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YOUIBOT ROBOTICS is an innovative high-tech company focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of robots. It has the core algorithm of mobile robot with completely independent intellectual property rights, and has the experience of unmanned transformation of a large number of business scenarios.


Based on mobile robot, YOUIBOT is committed to providing a full range of products and solutions covering the whole industry, including intelligent manufacturing, intelligent inspection and maintenance.


The company provides partners with mobile robot ontology and related integration solutions. Committed to semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, automotive parts and other manufacturing industries to provide factory automation and on-site logistics solutions. Provide inspection and automation maintenance solutions for power grid, energy smelting, commercial property and public transportation industries.


YOUIBOT actively implements the corporate mission — “change of robot technology enabling scene”, adheres to technological innovation and scene innovation, and strives to become a leading enterprise in the robot industry.


Innovation DNA : First in multiple industries, leading industry innovation

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Youibot is committed to achieving intelligent safety, providing professional autonomous inspection robots – ARIS.

ARIS has autonomous mobility platform with SLAM technology, with in-door/out-door adaptability. It also got robotic arm to fit in complex scenarios, and challenging tasks. Multiple sensor set mount on the arm enable the various inspection purposes, and provides more accurate and consistent inspection results.

Cooperative R & D

High-quality R & D resources to promote the development of industry, university and research




Deep research into sub-sectors, providing professional services



Honer & Patent : Re-elected Capec Technology Innovation Award

YOUIBOT’s mobile operating robot technology has won the Capec Technology Innovation Award for two times, which known as the “Robot Nobel Prize.”

At present, Youibot has applied for more than 40 core patents and has authorized more than ten patents, covering robot positioning and navigation, motion control, human-computer interaction, mechatronics design, mechanical arm control, motors and drives, cloud platforms, computer vision, etc Multiple technical areas.

Robot Base Series-Trans

Trans is an industrial-level laser/QR code navigation medium-sized indoor mobile robot that supports a maximum load of 1000kg. The accuracy of laser repeat positioning is within 5mm,natively supports a variety of application expansion and secondary development, including roller docking, rotating jacking, bin transfer, and moving operations.

Trans can run continuously for more than 10 hours and supports fast power change to ensure7*24Hcontinuous production operation to achieve minimum redundancy and maximum efficiency.

Robot Series-Corgi Mobile

Corgi is an industrial-level laser/QR code navigation light indoor mobile robot that supports a maximum load of 100kg. The laser repeat positioning accuracy can reach ± 5mm.

Corgi’s ultra-small size supports channel operation within 600mm, maximizing the utilization rate of the site. The car body has passed ROSH test and can be applied to work in Class100-level dust-free workshops. Can run continuously8Hor more, the automatic charging function can guarantee7*24HContinuous production and operation to improve operational efficiency.

Robot Base Series-KittX

Kitt is a universal chassis for all-purpose laser navigation. It is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes and even various scenes under rugged paths, but also equipped with a variety of standard external equipment and reserved a variety of interfaces to facilitate secondary development. High-performance shell design, at the same time effective dustproof and waterproof, protection grade IP55, can adapt to rain, snow, hot sun and other outdoor working environment, with standard obstacle crossing ability and wading ability. It can be applied to unmanned driving development, inspection, power, park, etc.

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Introducing Disinfection Anti-Epidemic Robot : ARIS-K2


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