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The Toshiba Machine Group respects human values. The Group’s mission is to contribute towards building the foundation for industry through creating an abundance of wealth and helping to improve people’s lives and cultural development.

These pages provide an overview of the corporate profile of Toshiba Machine.

Toshiba Machine Products


Being a member of the Toshiba group of companies, Toshiba Machine’s origin can be traced back more than a century to Shibaura Engineering Works Co., the forerunner of the Toshiba corporation established in 1875.

The Machine Tool Division of the Shibaura Engineering Works Co. was incorporated as an independent company in 1938, named the Shibaura Machine Tools Co., Ltd., the forerunner of the Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. which supplies machinery and electronic controls to automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, construction, plastics, transportation, semiconductor and communication markets worldwide.

Material Procurement

The Toshiba Machine Group is in constant need of materials used in the manufacture of machine tools, injection molding machines, extrusion machines, die casting machines, and other products it offers, and seeks suppliers capable of delivering these materials with the highest quality, lowest prices, and fastest delivery time.

Toshiba Machine Group products and the Eight Technical Platforms

We take pride in being acomprehensive machinery manufacturer creating the best products in the world.That pride is built into every single product we make. Working on eighttechnical platforms, we develop and manufacture a wide range of production devices.We deliver the best solutions through the combination of our accumulatedabundant know-how and the latest technology.

Toshiba Machine - Technologies With Endless Possibilities

At IPF, Toshiba Machine showcased its smart manufacturing system by demonstrating the production of a headlight reflector. Starting with the TVM1200, part of the 6-axis vertically articulated robot series, combined with the latest controller, demonstrated the unattended manufacturing system in action. The robot demonstrated the loading and unloading of Toshiba Machine’s high precision machine tool, the UVM-450C. Highlighting that the larger, stronger TVM series can be integrated with the larger Toshiba Machine machine tool and injection molding machines with heavier payloads, when compared to the existing robot ranges.

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