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At OptoForce we bring the sense of touch to industrial robots so that we can automate tasks that would otherwise require the dexterity of the human hand. We build products that are easy to use so that our customers can save time when programming the robots.

We started out as a university spin-off in 2012 and we are proud of bringing the newest technologies from robotic research to industry.

OptoForce is a Budapest/Hungary based hi-tech company founded in 2012. The story of the company started as a university project when the two founders of the company – Ákos Tar Ph.D. and József Veres Ph.D. were studying bionics and robotics in the same class at university. They started a project to build a two-legged robot. One of the focus areas was to develop the senses of the robot so they needed to measure forces acting on the leg along the X-Y-Z axes. They developed a layered structure in which silicone would actually change its form more under a greater load and this made measurement in all directions possible.

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