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There is a whole new way of doing things… a new standard. It’s all about Frictionless Motion™ and the standard-bearer is New Way Air Bearings. Here’s where you’ll discover precisely what New Way is all about, including insight into the company’s vision, leadership, and history; careers with the company; even the calendar of events the organization maintains. If you’re a member of the press, a quick click below will provide you with all the support you need, including fast facts, management team biographies, photography, collateral material and contact information.


Since 1994, New Way Air Bearings has been the market leader in Porous Media™ air bearing technology. Here’s where you’ll find out what has made the company what it is today, what makes it tick, and who stands behind it. You’ll also discover a bit about New Way’s standing in the communities it serves, and the career opportunities available at the company right now.

Conveying Applications

The non-contact handling of glass is critical to the Flat Panel Display (FPD) and Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel manufacturing processes. This is due to yield-reducing damage which occurs any time the glass contacts a processing or conveying surface. New Way provides a line of scalable, modular solutions to this need.

Often, two or more New Way product lines are integrated into a single glass conveying, processing and/or inspection array. These products include: precision zone air bars; transition zone air bars; and flotation zone air bars.

New Way - Conveying Applications

Linear Motion Applications

The modularity of New Way air bearings is particularly well-suited to the creation of tailored linear motion solutions.
In fact, there are many ways to create frictionless linear motion with New Way products, including flat round or rectangular air bearings; vacuum preloaded air bearings;air bushings; even air bearing slides assemblies, like New Way’s dovetail, end-supported or boxway slides.

New Way - Linear Motion Applications

Rotary Motion Applications

Modularity enables New Way Porous Media™ air bearings to provide diverse and versatile solutions for rotary motion applications.
There are many ways to create frictionless rotary motion with New Way products, including the use of air bushings,
and four different styles of radial air bearings: concave width, concave length, convex width and convex length.

New Way - Rotary Motion Applications

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