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High Torque Hybrid Stepping Motor

The Minet Hybrid product line of motors, combine the best characteristics of the variable reluctance and permanent magnet motors. They are constructed with multi-toothed stator poles and a permanent magnet rotor.

Standard hybrid motors have 200 rotor teeth and rotate at 1.80 step angles. Other hybrid motors are available in 0.9 and 3.6 step angle configurations. Because they exhibit high static and dynamic torque and run at very high step rates, hybrid motors are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Typical applications include but are not limited to robotics, medical instruments, labeling, wafer handling, machine tooling and packaging.

Advantages of stepper motors are low cost, high reliability, high torque at low speeds and a simple, rugged construction that operates in almost any environment.The Minet product line offers high performance and cost effective solutions to your specific motion control needs.

The Minet product line offers a selection of stepping motors to complete your motion control systems. We offer on-demand designs and customizations like Shaft Modifica-tions, Custom Housings, Value Added Assemblies and Lead Wires & Cables attachments.

In addition we also provide Product configurations ranging from single chip controllers(IC’s)for OEM’s,to complete stand-alone stepper motor sub-systems.

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