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History of Lin Engineering

Lin Engineering was founded by Ted Lin in 1987 as a consulting company specializing in step motor applications. Throughout our history, we’ve continued to develop our capabilities in the areas of design engineering, manufacturing, and customer service. In 1991, we’ve expanded our operations to include manufacturing of our own hybrid step motors. Since then, we have developed our product lines to include drivers, optical encoders, spur and planetary gearboxes, and step motor drives.

President Ted Lin is one of the foremost step motor designers in the industry. In 1984, Warner Electric named him “Father of New Step Motor Technology” at their Motion Control System Division, where he directed the design of the step motors for early disk drive applications.

We design and manufacture the smoothest, most accurate, and most innovative stepper motors available anywhere.

During the last 25 years, we’ve reinvented and perfected the stepper motor technology in order to solve problems that had no clear solutions. Today, with our large assortment of standard and custom step motors, linear actuators, BLDC motors, drivers, and controllers, we’re able to provide solutions to even the most unique pains in motion control.

So, if you’re having an issue with your application, then just let us know. Our engineers will eliminate the guesswork. There is no need to buy multiple motors just to find the correct one, because we will configure a motor for your application that will work right the first time!

Our Capabilities

We provide our customers with technology designs, quality products, customer service, and technical support.

Our motors are some of the smoothest, most accurate, and highest performing, available anywhere.

For instance, we can design a step motor that will maximize torque, and efficiency, at your desired operating speed (Within the constraints of power input and motor size). We can also remove the resonance from your operating speed, so you never experience any oscillation in your application.

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