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50 years of experience with energy chains and energy chain systems in steel and plastic.

EKD Gelenkrohr Company

From the founding product joint pipe a wide range of energy chains and energy management systems has emerged today that up to ready-specialized products with cables, connectors and attachments for each application provides a tailored solution from standard energy chains made of steel and plastic.

The service spectrum ranges from selecting and designing appropriate energy chains, electrical and hose lines to the final assembly and commissioning on site.

Energy Chain Systems

Energy chain systems ready for connection modules or complete systems are named energy systems. EKD chain systems are offered as a service package with all the planning and implementation measures through to testing and production release

EKD Gelenkrohr Energy Chain Systems


ELTOLA torque is transmitted between the chain links, which increases starting from the neutral zero position with increasing twist angle. As a result a progressive damping of the polygon movement and thus a low-noise, ultra-quiet operation is achieved.

EKD Gelenkrohr Eltola


The relative movement between the chain links is guided via the torsion bearing ELTOLA, which connects the link plates to one another.The neighbouring chain link each facing link surface are defined spaced, whereby wear and abrasion can be avoided.

EKD Gelenkrohr Reintec

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